June 16, 2021


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The One Supplement You Actually Need To Be Taking Everyday This Spring For A Faster Metabolism

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Supplements can make a valuable addition to your diet in order to bridge the gaps where your eating plan may fall short. Whether you follow a plant-based diet and struggle to consume enough vitamin B, or you have chosen to cut out any other major ingredient due to intolerance or ethical issues, integrating supplements into your daily routine can help to naturally boost your metabolism and make it easier to achieve weight loss with ease. 

If you’ve been working towards particular health and fitness goals and have found it difficult to see any real results, it can be useful to prioritize boosting your metabolism so that your body naturally burns more fat at rest, torching calories so that you can comfortably find yourself in the deficit needed for weight loss. This spring as you work to improve your overall quality of life, there’s one supplement that health experts suggest integrating into your diet to speed up your metabolism for noticeable results on the inside and out. 

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First and foremost, it’s always important to check with a medical professional before adding any vitamins or supplements into your diet in case they don’t interact well with your body or any medications you may be taking. “I would be very careful when taking a supplement to boost metabolism as many supplements contain large amounts of herbs and caffeine that may have undesired effects or cause heart palpitations,” warns nutritionist Heather Hanks. While certain supplements make big claims of flushing out belly fat and instantaneously revealing a flat stomach, it’s best to opt for a more natural option that is more likely to provide actual lasting benefits for your body instead of just a quick fix.

That being said, for a streamlined metabolism, you may find great results including a general multivitamin in your routine to increase fat burn so that you can torch through more calories in a day, effectively placing yourself in a deficit for weight loss. “This ensures that your body is getting proper amounts of vitamins and minerals that are needed to naturally support your body’s metabolism, digestion, and absorption processes – all of which will help you stay healthy and burn calories, along with a healthy diet and exercise program,” explains Hanks.

Multivitamins often include B vitamins which are some of the best for stoking your metabolism. This is also the  vitamin which you are most likely to be deficient in, especially if you follow a plant-based diet.



While supplements are useful for filling in gaps in your diet, it is still important to make sure that your menu is balanced and nutrient dense in order to see the greatest results. “Keep in mind that any supplement you take cannot cover up an unhealthy diet,” says Hanks.

“Likewise, supplements do not work properly if you eat an inflammatory diet because inflammation affects absorption. So if you’re eating processed sugar and grains and taking a supplement to boost your metabolism, it won’t work like you want it to.” Inflammation can make it more difficult to see visible changes in your body, so reading the cues of your digestion and avoiding foods that sit poorly in your stomach will ensure that the multivitamin supplement can function at its highest capacity.

Striking a balance between a well-rounded diet, solid exercise routine, and the inclusion of a multivitamin into your day to day life is going to be the most effective path for boosting your metabolism and achieving sustainable weight loss that doesn’t come from a quick fix. The speed of your metabolism consists of a number of different factors so it only makes sense to cater to every angle of your wellbeing when looking to boost your overall health, not just hoping supplements will do the job for you. However, when doing everything else right, a multivitamin is a great accessory to push you over the top so that all angles are covered in propelling you to weight loss.

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