January 12, 2022


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The Business Coach Fit For Fitness

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They say you shouldn’t take advice from someone who has never been where you’re going, this rings true for life, relationships, and especially business advice. This is exactly why as a fitness coach, Lynette Marie is the answer you are looking for when it comes to business coaching. Branding herself as a fitness business coach, Lynette has walked the walk before she talked the talk, making her business advice evermore valuable. To give you a deeper understanding of why Lynette is the answer to building a fitness empire, we’ll dive into her unique knowledge and expertise and how it has and continues to revolutionize the fitness coaching industry.

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The Humble Beginnings

Lynette wasn’t always the successful boss woman she is today, she didn’t have multiple six-figure businesses, and she certainly didn’t have the cult following of supporters ready to absorb every piece of information she is willing to share. What she did have, however, is a passion for transforming people’s lives and the drive to turn that dream into reality.

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What started out as a passion project, soon turned into a business idea, a seed that grew into a full-blown fitness empire within a few years of its start. Lynette began her fitness journey as a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness nearly a decade ago, where she dedicated her time helping others see their potential and turn that into tangible results. While that job did not provide her with sufficient income, it did fuel her passion for helping others transform their lifestyles, and as she began sharing her own fitness journey on social media, a business idea was born.

Lynette decided to take her fitness coaching online, and as her social media following grew, so did her income. She was now able to not only support herself solely from her online coaching, but her clientele grew exponentially. That was until the market gates flooded with new fitness gurus and the business growth hit a plateau. Lynette knew she needed to implement new strategies, as her own began to feel outdated and were no longer creating the results she was looking for, so she decided to hire a business coach. This turned out to be a life-altering decision.

By implementing advice and strategies given to her by a business coach, she was able to scale her business from 5k to 20k a month, quadrupling her income in a little over a month. Talk about exponential growth!

A Newfound Purpose

As Lynette’s online coaching business grew, she began to reach new highs, taking her business to six figures and beyond, and as the fitness niche began to reach its peak, many of the remaining fitness coaches begin to struggle with making their mark in what could be regarded to as an oversaturated market. This sparked another idea for Lynette, and she discovered a calling that combined both her passion for fitness as well as helping others succeed. She decided to take on the task of helping other fitness coaches take their business to the next level and differentiate themselves from the rising competition. She became a fitness business coach.

Lynette used her knowledge of fitness as well as her experience growing and expanding her own venture and combined it with the strategies learned from her business coach to create an entirely new approach to growing a fitness coaching business. She teaches her clients how to stand out among the sea of competitors and provide a valuable service to their community, resulting in them having the trust and respect of their customers, something many fitness coaches struggle to earn through their sales-y approach to business.

Lynette’s approach could prove to be radical to those that are used to taking advice from traditional business coaches, as she doesn’t believe in exchanging time for money. Working hundred-hour weeks to sell a product at a discounted price is the old approach, Lynette is a new-age business coach that teaches her clients how to make a considerable income while still retaining work-life balance and enjoying everything life has to offer, after all, we don’t live to work, but rather work to live.

Lynette Marie’s teachings are that selling less of a high-value product at a premium price will result in both higher income and satisfaction and her clients are living proof that you can in fact have it all: a successful brand and the time to enjoy all the good things that come with the success.

In her Facebook Group, “Coaching With Impact: Building A Social Media Business That Thrives”, Lynette shares her industry knowledge and guides those that are ready to jump-start their fitness coaching careers through taking the leap of faith and taking their business from just a dream to reality.

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