June 16, 2021


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The 8 Best New Fitness Products of May 2021

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One sure sign of normalcy’s return is the recent announcement by New York that runners will again make the journey from Staten Island up through the boroughs to the finish in Central Park in the New York City Marathon. It’s one of the biggest such races globally, though it’ll be smaller by 22,000 runners, which still leaves a field of 33,000. Other large-scale races are set to take place this fall in Berlin, London, Boston, Chicago and Tokyo.

Runners gearing up to begin summer training for these races should be wary of logging any miles on a Peloton treadmill, though. Earlier this month, the company issued a recall of its Tread+ and Tread machines after the death of a six-year-old. There are more than 70 other documented incidents related to the treadmills, mainly regarding people and things getting sucked in under the back. If you own one of these, you can get your money back.

On the brighter side, the best months to move your workout outdoors are fast approaching, and there’s plenty of non-life-threatening new gear to do that with — check it out below.

Suunto 9 Peak

suunto 9 peak


With its intelligent battery management system, 2018’s Suunto 9 sports watch stood out as one of the best products that came out that year. Now the Swedish watchmaker is back with a remodel called the Suunto 9 Peak, which packs all its predecessor’s functions into a form that’s smaller and lighter by more than a third. The new watch also has blood oxygen level monitoring that can aid in acclimation to altitude, fast charging and an improved strap.


USWE Pace 2

uswe pace 2


USWE built the Pace to combat a running vest’s most annoying pitfall: bouncing. To do it, the brand designed a unique central clasp affixed to lateral elastic straps that help the vest hug your body, even when it’s packed with hydration flasks, snacks and extra layers.

Price: $140


Skratch Labs Sport Crispy Rice Cake

skratch labs sport crispy rice cake


Pro cyclists have long relied on homemade rice cake snacks for mid-race fuel. Skratch is giving a hand to the culinary impaired with pre-packaged versions that offer a welcome alternative to the gels and bars endurance athletes typically consume for a carb and calorie boost.

Price: $20 (8-pack)


Ritual Essential Protein

ritual essential protein


Per serving, Ritual’s plant-based protein powder includes 150 milligrams of Choline, a nutrient that aids brain development and muscle movement, among other functions. The protein comes from regeneratively farmed non-GMO peas, and the mix also includes L-Methionine to create a complete amino acid profile. Oh, and it tastes so good you’ll look forward to drinking it.

Price: $40


Oakley Kato

oakley kato


If Oakley’s newest performance sunglasses look strange (and call to mind a superhero mask), it’s because the company figured out how to do away with the frame by building rigidity directly into the lens. The effect is a contoured close-to-face fit and, according to the brand, improved visuals.

Price: $291



adidas x allbirds futurecraft footprint


Adidas and Allbirds put aside footwear competition to make a shoe with the smallest carbon footprint ever. The FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT’s CO2 load weighs in at 2.94 kilos compared to an industry average of 13.6. To get there, the companies used sugarcane, wood pulp and recycled polyester as well as conceptual packaging. You can enter to win a pair now; otherwise, you’ll have to wait until 2022 for a wide release.


Matrix Cycle ICR50

matrix cycle icr50


Matrix’s new at-home stationary bike has a protected rear flywheel with built-in magnetic resistance for smooth and near-silent spinning. It’s fully adjustable — even the pedals accommodate cycling shoes — and you can get it with or without the 22-inch screen.

Price: $1,499+


Fable Magic Link

fable magic link


With multiple ways to clip yourself onto a leash, the Magic Link more comfortably lets you bring your dog on your runs. It’s made of waterproof brushed cord and is rated up to 350 pounds of force.

Price: $65


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