January 12, 2022


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Self Improvement Trends of 2021

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It’s never too late to start working on self improvement. If you’re ready to start your self growth journey but have no idea where to start, check out these self improvement trends of 2021. Luckily, most of these practices can be done from the comfort of your own home so you can start right away.

Exercise Within the Home

2021 has seen a huge emphasis on opting to exercise from home. Not only is this practice convenient, but it can free you from the financial burden of a gym membership. You can use apps like Yoga Download or Yoga Class Plan to get started on your wellness routine from your living room. Or you can simply take a hike outdoors and get some of your fitness in with nature! But before you do, be sure to get a few things for your hiking adventure from Backcountry.

If you’re looking to get in shape, a great way to get in shape is by streaming world-class workouts on-demand with Openfit. Openfit can help simplify and personalize workouts that fit your needs! Check Openfit out and start a free trial!

Or you can simply start with getting into sport by watching sports on TV! ESPN is a great place to watch live sports on demand!

Work on yourself and fitness with this 30 Day Workout Challenge To Get Fit In 2021 and if you’re looking to upgrade your at home gym, give this article on Best At-Home Gym Equipment – Gym Necessities a look!

Telehealth and Wellness

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Many people are choosing to invest in telehealth and wellness programs nowadays. Self-improvement can be accelerated with the help of counseling, which is now available virtually thanks to emerging technology. If you’ve always wanted to get a handle on your health from the comfort of your home, now is your chance.

Personal Finance

Self Improvement Trends 2

One of the most popular self growth strategies of 2021 is getting a handle on personal finance. Take it upon yourself to read up on investing, budgeting, and basic savings strategies. You can also use a service like Forex Mentor to help coach your financial journey. As well as use Acorns to help you track your spending and grow your money!

First and foremost, if you’re looking for ways to take control of your finances and earn extra money try Seated! With Seated, you can get paid to eat dinner. Yes we said it, how good does that sound!

Also, if you’re looking to learn a bit about finance and investing, the best way to learn finance is to start participating and learn from your experiences along the way. Start investing in your future as soon as possible, even if it’s as small as investing spare funds into Robinhood.

Taking Learning Into Your Own Hands

One of the biggest self improvement trends of 2021 is focusing on self-directed learning. You can start out with the basics by reading self growth articles online. As you continue your self improvement journey, you can supplement your learning with video courses through trusted sites like UdemyUdacity and Skillshare. There are also platforms like Masterclass that have just about any class. Perhaps you are looking to get into sports and improve your fitness? Or looking to learn a bit more on acting? Check out this awesome class from Masterclass where you can learn from the best! Natalie Portman teaches a course on acting!

Turn Your Home Into Haven

Self Improvement Trends 8

In order to truly focus on self-care, you need to have a space to retreat to. That’s why focusing on home improvement can be one of the best inadvertent self growth strategies. Use a service like Minted to give your home a fresh feel as you focus on self improvement.

Setting Digital Boundaries

In this modern age, it’s essential to establish digital boundaries in order to stay happy and healthy. Perhaps that’s why one of the greatest self improvement trends of 2021 is focusing on setting digital boundaries. Whether that’s a limit on screen time or just focusing on more activities outside of the virtual scope, limiting your electronic use can be great for self-growth.

Reverting to Reading

Even in this modern age, reading still remains one of the best ways to encourage self growth. You can even read self improvement non-fiction with services like Blinkist to optimize your intake.

Finding Alternatives to Meat

Self Improvement Trends 12

In 2021, we’ll continue to see a huge shift to plant-based diets taking out the need for meat. Many new vegetarians and vegans have found this self-growth transition easier with the aid of plant-based proteins that are made to taste like classic protein. Eating less meat won’t just help you potentially lose weight, it can also help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Purple Carrot can be a great helping hand in making the transition from a regular meat eating diet to a plant-based diet an easy one!

If you’re looking for a quick dinner delivery, give Seamless a look! You can even get 25% off first order of $15+ while ordering from their app with code AFF25!


Quality Over Quantity

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The days of large department stores are numbered. As part of our self-improvement strategies, many of us have shifted to spending more on goods that are ethically sourced or made with higher quality materials. If you’re ready to support artisans in your network, check out Etsy.

If you’re looking to treat yourself with something nice, here are a few things you didn’t know you needed!

Wellness Through Music

While mindfulness is still all the rage, more and more people are finding solace through meditative music. In 2021, be sure to check out mindfulness music blends to get the full benefits out of your self improvement journey.

Treat Yourself

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As you continue to work towards bettering yourself, it’s important to treat yourself every now and then. Sign up for a wellness subscription or monthly treat from Cratejoy to keep yourself motivated towards self growth.

Looking for more beauty tips and products? Check out our article on Cruelty Free Brands for Your Beauty Needs and 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Beauty Subscription Boxes!

Getting Enough Sleep is Essential

So many of us are finally waking up to the fact that sleep is essential to our physical and mental well being. In 2021, many of us will work to get our circadian clock truly in check. Try to get into a routine surrounding your usual sleeping hours for the best results. It’ll allow you to look, feel, and perform better on a day to day basis.

Find sleeping hard to accomplish at times? Perhaps trying to change out your mattress can help you improve restless nights in bed and get you sleeping more comfortably and more often! PurpleNectarMolecule, and Puffy Mattress all sell really high end mattresses that are sure to give you the sleep you need.

All in all, whatever you choose to do, know that leaning into self improvement is an accomplishment in itself. Have fun learning more about yourself and how you grow and develop as a well rounded individual.

Looking to improve you learning or perhaps learn more on your spare time? Try reading a few business books or finance books and expand your learning even further!

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