October 19, 2021


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Prorganiq Is Tackling The Inherent Problems Of The Supplement Industry

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“Health is wealth.” A quote is imbibed into our minds right from the start, but its actualization is fading in the modern age. In this age of convenience, when every resource and requirement is just a phone call away or procurable via the internet, the efforts of the human body are declining fast. The flooded hospitals with adolescent and working-age groups is a common sight today, and most of these issues stem from a poor diet, lifestyle choices, and complete ignorance of nutrition. The food you eat gives energy and is then discarded by the body, but nobody pays attention to the nutrient absorption and its presence in their daily meals.

Prorganiq is a brand that approaches the nutrition deficit problem by devising nutraceutical supplements that are harvested from nature in their most potent form. They have a great assortment of health supplements, each dedicated to a particular health issue and even a few for general usage. Their goal is to revolutionize the supplementation industry that has earned a bad reputation over the past decade mainly because of illegal imports and adulteration. Prorganiq is trying to clear the air about the false perception of supplements while providing a herbal alternative to otherwise chemical-infused products that harm the internal organs and do not have a lasting effect on the health.

Illegal procurement of supplement ingredients

The Indian regulatory body has a stern approach on the illegal imports of supplement raw material without proper licensing. You might think of why is this is an issue. The problem with illegal imports is that the manufacturers operating outside the laws put in place by regulatory bodies often ignore the caution and the standard conditions in which a supplement is prepared. Mixing stuff bare hands and then wrapping them in fancy packaging is the only USP of these illegal manufacturing companies pushing their products via online and offline retailers. The average consumer goes for these products because they are economically priced and isn’t aware of the health implications of consuming such hazardous concoction of chemicals.

Improper or fake licensing

It is a very complicated license to obtain and adjudges a product with a fine eye for detail. Most fake and illicit manufacturers do not go for this license and are a clear indication of the lacklustre effect of the final product. Non-licensed supplements do not follow the guidelines of additives, fillers, or even the general composition of a supplement. To mask the taste of such chemicals, sweeteners and artificial flavouring is thrown into the mix, which degrades the supplement quality even further. On top of that, these fake supplementation brands demand tops dollar for such atrocious products that do more harm than good.

Why Prorganiq?

Prorganiq doesn’t rely on artificial chemicals to fulfil nutrition needs. Rather than that, it relies on herbal products that grow in the vicinity of nature without any undue growth hormones. Each nutrient is sourced from nature and extracted using the least possible adulteration and compromising the chemical composition of the nutrients. Prorganiq supplements appear costly when you compare them fake supplementation brands, but in reality, they the most affordable supplementation products that put aside the profit margin to bring the best quality of supplements for the consumers.

Prorganiq relies heavily on initial research before venturing into the creation of a supplement. Each product in their line-up is created with an utmost balance between quality and efficacy. They are against the use of preservatives and taste enhancers because they want to retain the natural taste and properties of the supplements. Also, steroid usage is a strict no at Prorganiq as it can be a risky proposition for people that have existing health problems which can be aggravated by steroid usage.

Prorganiq is a Fssai certified brand with each of the products manufactured with due compliance from the organization. The license marks the products from Prorganiq safe for human consumption without any harsh effect on normal body functioning.

A few products by Prorganiq

Prorganiq has recently introduced a giloy supplement for consumers. Giloy became the most recommended ayurvedic product that saw rampant production and adulteration in it. To solve this, Prorganiq introduced a 100 per cent natural Giloy supplement that boosts your immune system. Prorganiq doesn’t glorify the giloy supplement or market it as the only solution to cure covid19. They want the consumers to understand that fitness and health are a continuous process, and health supplements like giloy boost your immunity. Moreover, they want to bring forth such herbal products that do wonders for health but are not known among the general public.

Another popular supplement by Prorganiq is the Digestion Support supplement. It constitutes natural components like Triphala, Cinnamon, Turmeric, etc., in a balanced composition that aid in digestion. Prolonged and unnatural sitting posture results in cramping, bellyache, constipation, and much more grave problems if not treated right. Gas and bloating are also a constant issue with people with desk jobs that see very little activity throughout the week. To resolve this, the Digestion Support supplement aids in digestion and reducing the build-up of excess acid in the stomach. Along with the supplement, Prorganiq advises some form of physical activity that puts your body out of the monotonous loop.

Similarly, a line-up of 25 supplements with various use cases is available for the consumers. Prorganiq assures the optimum quality of ingredients with no adulteration and safe to consume products that abide by the norms laid down by Fssai. Very few supplements brands are actually promoting health and wellness in a natural way, and Prorganiq is a much-awaited step in that direction. Moreover, the presence of such earnest brands puts the deceptive manufacturers out of commission and presents a healthy alternative for your health and wellness.

Visit the official website: https://prorganiq.com/

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