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How To Layer Skin Care Products At Night For Nourished, Glowing Skin While You Sleep

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Who doesn’t want to nourish their skin while sleeping? We all want that and the right night skin care routine is what we need to glow up the next morning. One product or step is never enough, it takes a lot of conscious care to give the right nourishment and moisture to the skin. We all have a basic CTM routine, but our skin needs more than just that. Night care routines are not just about overnight masks, they are more about that. From your under-eye care to using the right moisturiser, here’s a guide on how to layer your night care products the right way for that glowing and radiant skin.

The Ideal Night Care Routine To Layer In The Right Way

Nourish your skin at night the right way with these steps.

1. Makeup Removal

After one long day, we need a clean face when we get to bed and the biggest mistake that we all make is to sleep with makeup on! As much as we try not to do it, we sometimes end up going to bed with makeup. Sleeping with your makeup on can cause various skin issues including acne. Use a makeup remover to wipe off all that makeup and excess oil. It will also help in preventing any irritation or acne.

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2. Cleansing Is A Must

Makeup remover only removes the makeup but cleansing your skin right after that with a gentle cleanser or face wash is a must to do. It will help in removing any leftover makeup, dirt or grime to make your pores clean. Don’t be too harsh when cleansing, go in a circular motion and clean your skin thoroughly. Make sure that you use a cleanser that suits your skin type.

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A toner is the most soothing step of the skincare regimen and who said you don’t need that at night? Apply the toner using a cotton pad and it helps in minimising pores. It helps in maintaining the pH levels of the skin and keep it naturally moisturised.

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4. Serum

Serums are an essential part of your night care routine. Once your toner is all absorbed, apply the serum as it will help in improving the texture of the skin and give a natural glow to it.

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5. Eye Care

To get rid of puffiness and tiredness, we need under eye creams and gels to help us. Also, under eyes need moisture too and this is the best way to do so. Opt for one that suits your skin type. They are comparatively lighter in texture and easy to apply and makes skin moisturised.

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6. Moisturiser

Just when we thought we have done too much moisturisation…nope we haven’t! Moisturiser is the most important. Apply a lightweight and gentle moisturiser to your skin right before you go to bed. It will lock in all the natural hydration and give you supple and plump skin when you wake up.

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