January 23, 2022


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Hays couple starts nutrition, wellness business Ultraverse Supplements

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Hays couple Chase and Casey Hammond are putting their knowledge of nutrition to the test.

After each earning a master’s degree in nutrition last year — Chase from the Maryland University of Integrative Health and Casey from the American College of Healthcare Sciences — the Hays-based husband-and-wife duo decided to start their own business to help ultra-endurance athletes improve their performances.

That business, Ultraverse Supplements, provides a couple different dietary supplements to improve athletes’ aerobic endurance and aid in recovery.

“When I was in college and still earning the master’s degree,” Chase said, “I just kind of started applying that knowledge to endurance sports, and specifically ultra-endurance sports. I looked at other companies, other supplement companies, and found that there really wasn’t anything specifically designed for ultra-endurance athletes. That’s how the idea came about.”

Chase isn’t new to ultra-endurance sports, as he has been a long-distance runner for about six years and has completed multiple races over a hundred miles long.

The supplements now being offered by Ultraverse are ones he started taking well before the business endeavor was a possibility.

T-30 is a daily endurance supplement offered by Ultraverse Supplements. It is designed to meet the needs of ultra-endurance athletes.

Ultraverse offers two different supplements — T-30 and Terminus — which both come in a powder form.

T-30 is a caffeine-free endurance supplement designed to be taken daily that helps prevent muscle breakdown during long events.

“T-30 is about nine different supplements combined into one formula,” Chase said. “I started taking it myself to kind of experiment on myself, and I love it. It’s helped me quite a bit.”

Meanwhile, Terminus is a recovery formula designed to be taken after an exhaustive workout.

Terminus, pictured here, is a recovery supplement offered by Ultraverse Supplements, a new business based in Hays.

“It is really made for endurance athletes, as well, in that it’s mainly for workouts that last an hour or longer, or pretty high-intensity workouts,” Chase said.

He and his wife completed their business paperwork in September and have been working with a manufacturer since then to develop the two supplements.

“That took a lot longer than we thought it would,” Casey said. “We finally got our products about two or three weeks ago, so it’s been a long process.”

But they already have customers in multiple states.

“We’ve had customers in Texas, Ohio and Kansas,” Casey said. “We’ve gotten good feedback so far.”

Ultraverse is completely web-based right now, which allows the Hammonds to reach customers across the country. Those interested in learning more about the business and its products may visit UltraverseSupplements.com or email [email protected] 

Ultraverse Supplements was created by Hays couple Chase and Casey Hammond, who both have master's degrees in nutrition.

While Ultraverse products are designed to meet the needs of ultra-endurance athletes, Chase said, many other athletes may also be able to benefit from their use.

“If you’re wondering if you could benefit from them, please reach out to us and we will give you an honest answer,” he said.

The Hammonds are offering a special for Hays residents that allows locals to get free, same-day delivery if an order is placed by 3 p.m. To get the special, customers should use code “haysks” at checkout.

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