The WotLK expansion was a waste of time; many of you quit after a month

The WotLK expansion was a waste of time; many of you quit after a month

There were some good things in the wrath of the lich king rotation bot, but there were also some bad things. In comparison to TBC, anything would be better than it because TBC is absolute garbage. It features some of the most brain-rotting mind-numbing raids, like Hyjal, which is just an AFK wave simulator. Despite Blizzard’s inability to balance anything, most classes have been left out and have zero QoL, leading to TBC’s dead arena scene. PvP has three classes dominating it, and everyone is running PvE gear, resulting in an extremely unbalanced game.

According to WoTLK:

As most PvP gear is gated behind the rating, players who gain the rating first will have a major advantage over everyone else. Consequently, sweaty Private Server kids are likely to dominate this scene, preventing the average 2-button wrath of the lich king rotation bot TBC boomers from playing unless they purchase a boost.

Gear for PvE will be locked behind GDKPs, as GDKPs were first popularized in Wrath, so basically, every single message in chat will be about GDKPs, and every raid tier will be pure buyers, RMT swiping for gold, and people P2Wing it up.

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Most RMT groups originated in Original Wrath, where you can farm mats infinitely using private bot farms in dungeons. Several other methods go unnoticed/unnoticed because Blizzard prefers to keep the bots at $15/month rather than banning them outright.

You should also know that WoTLK was when WoW first became what we see in retail today; it was when it became casual-friendly. Even the most suboptimal specs can complete all the content from 10 men to 25 men in the raids, so braindead are they compared to TBC. A casual approach to the Heroic dungeons was also introduced to make the game more accessible to low-level players.