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Fit for Life: 1% Better

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Saturday, July 24, 2021


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Most of us want a better life.

•Better health,

•Better finances,


•Better time management etc.

We strive for perfection, but in all reality, we will never be perfect.

You can have a perfect meal, perfect vacation, or perfect a system to accomplish a task, however, these are short-term bouts of satisfaction, and perfection is a subjective term that differs for everyone.

When it comes to self-improvement, this is a long-term process that needs to be repeated over and over again in order to become successful. Small changes repeated consistently over time will net us big changes and progress in our lives.

When we set out to do a specific task, or accomplish a certain goal, our mission should NOT be to seek immediate perfection, but to try to get 1% better every day at what it is we are doing.

I used to get frustrated the first week of football practice because my expectations were too high with a group of high school kids. I wanted them in top shape and to follow instructions immediately, which never happened.


This year was different.


NO, I didn’t lower my expectations, I just came to the reality that it would take time to get the team where I wanted them to be. So, I changed my approach and instilled in their heads that I only wanted them to get 1% better with every practice.


Now I think I can reach more of them and get a better outcome than the last couple of years.


I created the acronym BETTER to lay out a few steps that may help you and I accomplish greatness in the course of our lives.


Here it is:

Be consistent with your routine and create systems for self-improvement. In order to get better at something, it takes practice day in and day out. You can’t eat well one day, then eat poorly the next, and expect to see results. You can’t do a great job at work “sometimes” and expect to climb the corporate ladder. Being consistent with everything from your morning routine to your bedtime rituals requires reps and consistency to be effective.

Excellence in everything you do. OCD standards. How you do anything, is how you will do everything. The term “good enough” should be eliminated from your vocabulary, because good enough equates to mediocrity. I don’t care if you clean bathrooms for a living. You need to set your standards high and try to be the best at EVERYTHING you do. It may or may not matter to others, however when you practice going above and beyond, you do everything better.

Trying isn’t going to cut it. Either you do, or don’t, there’s no try, so lose that term from your vocabulary too. When I compliment people in my gym that they look awesome, and they say “I’m trying”, I immediately fire back with “NO, YOU ARE DOING”. When I ask if someone is eating well and they answer, “I am trying” I also fire back and say “Yes or no” you can’t try to eat better, you either are or aren’t. You have all the knowledge and resources, so there should be no “try”. No one is force-feeding you junk and stealing your carrots, so either you do, or you don’t eat well.

Tactical movements will get you further than just going through the motions. This means that you need a plan to get better. Prepping your meals, the night before, creating your to-do list of priorities, putting gas in the car, are all tactical ways to prepare you for the tasks at hand. You may be late for work if you need to get gas in the am. You won’t complete your tasks if they are not clearly listed, and you won’t eat well the next day if you need to wing it and eat fast food for lunch.

Elevate to the level of greats, don’t regress to the status of slackers. Comparison is the thief of joy, so I’m not saying to compare your life to others, however, success leaves clues, so it’s better to emulate the habits and traits of winners if you want to get better too. Most high school football players won’t have Tom Brady’s success, but you can follow his habits and routines if you want to be the best you can be. Some folks are content being average, so stay away from them and avoid taking their advice.

Relentless pursuit is the only way. You won’t get better by accident, Be intentional. Focus on results. When someone tells you, you are “obsessed” then you are on the right track. Some see that as a flaw, but I say it’s the only way to achieve greatness, and to get to where you want to be. When I did bodybuilding shows and wanted to get as lean and muscular as possible, I needed to be obsessed and disciplined to new levels. No cheating…even on holidays. It’s easy to make excuses, and justify failures, but when you are relentless in your pursuit, you have laser-like focus, and will accept nothing but success.

That’s my formula for getting better. Apply these principles to your everyday life, practice them daily, and watch yourself get 1% better. Then look back after a few months and you will be amazed at how fast 1% adds up over time.


Committed to your success,




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