July 27, 2021


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Brandon Williams Eats MREs for 24 Hours, Tries Army Fitness Test

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In a new video, fitness influencer Brian Williams takes on what countless people on YouTube have attempted before: the U.S. Army Fitness Test. Before him, bodybuilders and Olympic athletes have pushed themselves to the limit in the three part test comprising of pushups, sit-ups and a two mile run, which is all much harder than it sounds. The test has since been replaced as the official fitness standard for army recruits by the Army Combat Fitness Test, but the old events are still a popular challenge. To add to the test, Williams decided to consume only “Meal Ready to Eat” packages for 24 hours.

Williams’ first stop is the store, where he purchases all his necessary material, including a shirt and pants. Williams picks up four meals for the challenge including pepperoni pizza and Mexican-style chicken stew.

For breakfast he has an MRE of hash brown potatoes with bacon, peppers and onion. Inside, the package actually includes a lot more than dehydrated food. There’s also matches, granola, chewing gum, and all the powdered fixings for coffee with cream and sugar.

He unpacks the hash browns and pours it onto a plate. “This doesn’t look very appetizing. Kinda reminds me of my dog food,” Williams says.

Surprisingly, the meal smells and tastes good. “I could almost imagine eating this at a quick fast-food restaurant.”

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After breakfast, Williams moves onto the fitness test. The challenge consists of max pushups in two minutes, then max situps in two minutes, and finally, a two-mile run. Williams manages to do 70 pushups (with a few rests in between), one away from getting 100 percent on the first part of the test.

He struggles in the sit-ups portion, only able to get 64 out of 78, the best score for his age range of 17 to 21. For the two-mile run, Williams needs to log 13 minutes for a full score, and a little under 16 minutes to get a passing score. “My hip flexors are still tight after the sit-ups, but that didn’t stop me from going ham,” Williams narrates.

Eight laps finished, Williams gets an admirable time of 14 minutes and 23 seconds. His final score for the Army Fitness Test, out of a total of 300, is 258.

Later on, he tries more MREs, including pizza. Williams gave the test a try, but at the end of the day, it was all for fun.

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