October 22, 2021


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Boban John Uses Passion For Entrepreneurship Self Improvement To Create Brand

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Boban John is an entrepreneur in branding and marketing who launched the magazine CEO Medium, which publishes inspiring stories from entrepreneurs around the globe. 

Boban created his brand CEO Medium in 2019 when he realized many start-ups and small businesses do not have a platform to share their stories with the world. He wanted to provide a magazine that offers a stage for all the influencers and entrepreneurs who have started their journey but are still not able to grow due to their lack of publicity. He realized that well-established businesses, as well as small businesses coming together under one umbrella, will help give new entrepreneurs an opportunity to kickstart their businesses. The goal of CEO Medium is to cover stories from all kinds of businesses so that people can be inspired and possibly even embark on a similar journey.

Despite the pandemic, Boban’s company experienced maximum growth, and he is planning to grow more in the coming years. CEO Medium was created with the vision of providing quality marketing and branding services to clients in a genuine way with the most cutting-edge strategies, partnering with tier-one digital platforms to create organic credibility for businesses and brands. 

But the journey was not without challenges. Boban was skeptical when he started and unsure if he could run a business without a mentor or a background in the industry. However, his skills in marketing and sales helped, in addition to many people along the way. He also had the challenge of scaling up to the next level, and then there were challenges with payment portals, then with the website, and building a team, among other things. However, he overcame those challenges, and now he has worked with more than 400 clients around the world and has a team of more than 15 people working to grow the business.

Boban knows that challenges are a part of life, but he stays focused on the fact that those challenges are not permanent.

“Everything changes and will change, be it a good phase or a bad phase,” Boban said. “What my passion for influencing has taught me is that we cannot control the outside forces from being good or bad. But we can control the way we look at them. If we believe that this too shall pass and stay happy and motivated, then no matter what happens outside, you remain calm and positive all the time.” 

In his personal life, Boban also likes to influence people through his passion for self-improvement. To accomplish this, he enjoys fitness, reading, traveling, and keeping himself occupied and surrounded by people of influential mindset. He is passionate about exploring his inner self because he believes that the more people excel, the more room there is for improvement.  

“My influencer journey has nothing to do with business,” Boban said. “I do it completely out of passion and love for personal growth.” 

To learn more about Boban John and CEO Medium, visit  https://www.bobanjohnbabu.com.

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